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Bill Pro Plus+

BILL PRO + Series is a Billing ERP for RETAIL & WHOLESALE Segment.
This ERP Solution can be implemented to any type of business unit for eg. Super Market/Departmental, Garment, Apparel, Saree, Footwear, Gift Shop, and more.

Some application which are running successfully through all over in India are : Point of Sale Software, Barcode Software, Billing Software, Supermarket/Departmental Store/General Store Software, Garment/Saree/Apparel Software, Footwear Software, Gift Shop/Toys/Stationary Software Auto Mobile/Mobile/Hardware, Food & Beverage/Restaurant/Sweet Shop Software.


This module consists of Purchase Order generation, Goods Receiving, Purchase Returns and Damages if any. Receiving can be made with/without purchase order. Provision for receiving scheme items is also there. Scheme items are received at zero purchase rates. This module has consists of useful MIS reports related to Stock and Purchases.

This module consists of Billing of Salable items, Bill Cancellation and Sales Return. Any number of payment modes like Cash, Credit Card, and Coupons etc. can be incorporated in the Billing. There are provision for item wise discount and overall discount.

This module consists of two transactions i.e. Transfer-In and Transfer-Out. In transfer-In transaction material can be received from any branch/location with purchase and sales value. In transfer-Out transaction material can be transferred to any branch/location with purchase and sales value.

The Software generates 500 + various forms of sales, purchase,stock,GST & other Reports. The Bar code integration with all types of printers with ease is a great feature of this software. Enterprise versions of POS Software, or multiple stores, can be networked together or operated independently of each other. A POS Software system can vary in size from a stand-alone computer, to thousands of linked workstations.

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